Why Use NLI

Agents act on another’s behalf, negotiating the best solutions to their clients’ needs, whether they are known by the clients or not. They help their clients to navigate requirements and possibilities, connect them with resources, and advise them on next steps to take. A good agent is versatile and knowledgeable, able to facilitate transactions across a broad spectrum of business and address risks across a variety of fronts. 

Making Norton Lilly International your agent means letting the hand of proficiency take the wheel.  No other shipping agency has the depth of experience, the expertise, or the reach of our network.  We can connect you with our partners around the world and provide on-the-ground intel regarding the minutiae of particular ports across the Western Hemisphere, from weather to government agencies to local markets, traffic, and services.  Our teams are knowledgeable, efficient, and trained to provide service of the highest caliber.  Where other agencies might be hard to contact, we are responsive and accessible.

Our History

John Norton established Norton & Co. in 1841, and it has since sprouted into the most reliable and longest-running ship agency in America. For over 180 years, our clients have depended on us to come through for them time and time again. Now Norton Lilly International, we have grown our modest roots into a dense, embedded network criss-crossing the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to Panama and Guam to the Caribbean. There is simply no replacement for our veteran perspective when it comes to success in professional maritime industries.

Our Values

Our values give clarity about who we are, both to our clients and ourselves.  Each value highlights a different angle of how we build mastery, trust, and positive relationships.