As part of Ultramar Group, with operations in different countries in the Americas, covering diverse people, territories, cultures, and markets, always guided by values that unite us: excellence, integrity, fun, learning and safety, we work daily to professionalize our approach to value creation in Central America & the Caribbean, as well as progress for our people and communities and the preservation of the environment.

Along with Ultramar, we guide our actions in a sustainable business strategy based on five pillars and covering 13 commitments that respond to a triple impact management model and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations (UN).

Pillars of Our Sustainability Strategy

Our People

For us, the development of talent by valuing merit and diversity is essential, putting high safety standards in our daily operations and ensuring a good working environment

Customer and Operational Excellence

Our primary focus is providing excellent services to our principals. We keep pushing ourselves to deliver innovative and timely solutions for efficient and profitable operations.

Trust and Transparency

Our commitment is to promote robust ethical management, in liaison with all our stakeholders, that safeguard our organizational culture.

Social Development

We aim to contribute with the growth of surrounding communities towards our operations as well as choosing to work with local suppliers to boost their development.

Care for the Planet

We are working in different initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, such as reduction of paper printing, recycling programs within our offices, no plastic use in our cafeterias as well as promoting a culture of care for the environment.