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NVOCC & Cargo Agent

We have gained global recognition for our proficiency in NVOCC services and cargo agency expertise.

  • Cargo Agent and deconsolidation
  • Warehousing
  • Domestic Trucking

Port Agency & Husbandry

  • Crew changes, visa preparation, Ok-To-Board
  • Crew medical and dental
  • Cash to Master, CTM
  • Spare Parts, customs clearance and delivery
  • Coordination of vessel repairs, surveys, and maintenance
  • Fresh water delivery
  • Slops & sludge discharge and disposal
  • Ship stores and provisions delivery

Yacht Agents & Concierge

In the demanding world of yachting, we speak your language:

  • Port-Marina Agency services
  • Processing of arrival permits
  • Immigration clearances and visas (Crew and Passengers)
  • Supplies, stores & provisions
  • Spare parts and stores – clearance and delivery
  • Concierge and personal shopping

Our port facilities and marines

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